Our firm has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of commercial and residential real estate matters in the greater New York City area. From assisting during the negotiation stages of a purchase/sale to the closing, we make sure that your transaction moves along smoothly.

Some of our real estate services include, but are not limited to: reviewing loan documents (including mortgage notes, consolidation, extension and modification agreements, assignment of leases and rents, guaranty documents, and ancillary loan instruments), assisting with reviewing and negotiating commercial and residential leases and contracts, creating due diligence packages for our client’s in the preparation of closing, handling adjustments for purchase and sales transactions, and assisting with the preparation of closing statements and exhibits for commercial and residential purchases, sales and refinances.


Representation of individuals and small business clients on a range of civil and criminal issues. At Shayanfekr & Associates, we review contracts, draft and send legal notices on your behalf, represent you in court, handle simple bankruptcy filings and real estate matters.


Whether the landlord and tenant dispute is over a residential or commercial lease, the result of an eviction filing, a question about co-signer liability, the return of a security deposit, property maintenance, or any other matter arising from the parties’ lease agreement, both the landlord and tenant have rights provided by the law. At Shayanfekr & Associates we make sure that your rights are upheld.


Businesses enter into transactions on a regular basis and Shayanfekr & Associates can help you to structure such transactions and prepare any associated documents and agreements. Additionally, we also review contracts because businesses should never enter agreements that are not truly beneficial and that are not vetted and reviewed by a competent New York business contract lawyer with your business’s best interests in mind.


A person may declare bankruptcy under several different chapters of the federal bankruptcy code: Chapter 7, which involves the liquidation of the debtor's assets, or Chapter 13, which reorganizes debts so that the individual can pay off creditors over a set period of time. Our firm will examine your situation to determine the best way to approach your debts.


Handling the estate of a loved one is always a sensitive matter. Managing the different interests and emotions of all the people who may be involved in an estate requires a wise and careful touch. We’ve seen the whole range of situations and relationships and have special skill in dealing with the human dimension of estate administration. We take care to keep everyone informed and involved in the most efficient way possible.


Estate planning is not only for the rich or the elite. If you have assets and own property, you have an estate and therefore you need to have a plan. Your estate is what you leave after you pass away. You want to control how it is done, who gets your property, and when.