About Us

At Shayanfekr & Associates we pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each case with care and consideration. Our firm dedicates as much time as necessary to ensure that our clients are represented at the highest degree. Our dedication enables us to work quickly and diligently so that our client's matters may be resolved as soon as possible and with the highest quality.

Shayanfekr & Associates PLLC is a broadly based general practice law firm with offices in Great Neck, New York. Our focus is on providing quality legal services to our clients in a wide range of practice areas including real estate, landlord tenant, business, bankruptcy, probate and estate planning.

At Shayanfekr & Associates we know the Real Estate industry inside and out. You cannot run a successful company without real estate representation. Whether it is a lease negotiation involving terms and tenant improvements or a complicated purchase with terms, Shayanfekr & Associates will help you negotiate the best deal possible and maximize the value of your dollar. We understand how much time and money can be consumed in real estate affairs. Our aim is to minimize oversight, while streamlining your process, and by doing so, help avoid any extraneous costs and undue delay. By taking a hands-on approach, we hope to, in essence, pay for ourselves and then some.